Hello and welcome to Cornrigs!

We are husband and wife team, Owen and Lorna, based in the north east of England. Lorna is a silversmith and jeweller, specialising in boho jewellery, while Owen is a web designer and historian.

The concept of Cornrigs has had a long gestation and first popped into our heads during our wedding/honeymoon in Cornwall in January 2018. At the time, the UK was being battered by Storm Eleonor, a cyclone that brought 80 mph winds to Cornwall’s rugged coastline (which made our outdoor wedding photo shoot quite interesting!). Maybe it was the evocative atmosphere of high winds and crashing waves that inspired us, or perhaps it was the primeval Cornish landscape itself..

Hello. And welcome to Cornrigs!

Whatever the muse of our inspiration was, Cornrigs, an online shop that celebrated our love of New Age and Pagan culture in modern day Britain, began to take shape.

By the way, the name “Cornrigs” is nothing to do with Cornwall.. Rather, the name is inspired by the famous Robert Burns song, “Corn Rigs”which featured in the iconic 1973 British neo-pagan flick, The Wicker Man..

(You can listen to it on You Tube here)

Have fun shopping with us!

Owen and Lorna